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Art Lounge

The largest Art server on Discord! We accept ALL types of artwork, stylus or pencil, big or small, new or experienced, show it all!


The largest music production/discussion server on Discord! New or Experienced, ALL are welcome to present their work and discuss audio of all kinds!

Writers Lounge

A server for writers and fans of literature to share their works and rave over their favorite books.


The hacker himself. Server includes channels for EVERY BOARD so there's a little cancer for everyone. Expect lots of NSFW content and memes.


Personal server for me (Masterfireheart) including my art, music, archives, thoughts, and more. Join if you want to ask me anything or request anything or just chill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Patreon Lounge

An exclusive server for my Patreons to hang out and get network news early. All tier levels (including 1$) get entry, and you can remain in the server even after you stop donating! All of your donations are greatly appreciated :)